Networking solutions.

Keep your business and employees connected to the world with the help of the most advanced technologies and the best hardware and software solutions.

Data Networks/WIFI

Plessie offers affordable, world-class WiFi solutions so that your business has easy access to the internet.

Network Switches/Routers

Network switches are essential in a small office network to connect devices together, like computers, printers and servers. This ensures that your team is able to seamlessly share resources. 

A router in turn connects multiple switches, and connects them to their respective networks, to form an even bigger network across a single location, or multiple locations.


The most recent and reliable hardware solutions tailored to your business and its needs. Our team of Plessie experts will assess your business needs and help you select a multi-brand solution to help your team work efficiently and more productively. 

Our hardware solutions include PCs, monitors and projectors.

The Plessie team ensures that all of your devices are optimally maintained.

Touch LED Solutions

Use multi-touch professional, LED displays and visual technology in your business so that everyone who uses or interacts with it has access to smarter, faster solutions that promote collaboration. Touch LED Solutions are ideal for meeting rooms, offices, lecture halls, presentation rooms and classrooms. 

MS Application Software

At Plessie, we leverage Microsoft MS to ensure that your business has the necessary software to enable your business to be more productive, and for your employees to communicate more effectively and work collaboratively regardless of their location. This is multipurpose, universal software, that is easy-to-use and secure. 


It has become more important than ever to secure your business against cybercrime, and it’s also much more difficult for SMEs to protect themselves against this growing threat. Plessie offers businesses affordable and easy-to-install solutions to ensure that they have the Firewalls they need to secure their data and business operations. 

ESET Antivirus

Antivirus software will protect your company’s devices from viruses that keep crawling the web and safeguard your information about the company, it’s clients and employees, browning activity and all personal data. 

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PBX solutions.

Access Control solutions.

Alternative Energy solutions.

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