Voice over Internet protocol

Voice Over Internet Protocol (VOIP) has risen as the preferred voice carriage medium across the world. This surge is due to the cost effectiveness that it provides over traditional mediums. With VOIP your voice is transmitted over the internet rather than copper cables. This means cable theft doesn’t affect your telecommunications.

At Plessie we provide you with VOIP solution that is designed around your telecommunication needs, this includes an analysis of your current infrastructure and supply you with sufficient bandwidth to carry your voice without any jitters and latency.

Voice quality of other VOIP providers can be shocking, to say the least. That’s why we have our technicians trained and certified to international standards. We also use only the best equipment to ensure that your voice quality is of the highest standards.

Plessie VOIP is perfect for small startups looking to save on costs, to larger companies with multiple branches, looking to link up their branches and save on interbranch calls.

SME Setup

Multiple branches

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