Will I Need an Inverter During Load Shedding for Alternative Power?

You will most likely require an inverter to employ alternative backup power sources. Depending on the size, an inverter could provide a maximum of four hours of power for smaller devices such as your computer and a few lights. When purchasing an inverter for load shedding, it is essential to understand which system types are available and which would best suit your needs. Each system has its own advantages and disadvantages, power supply capabilities, and endurance. Let’s examine the leading backup power supply unit or chat with our sales team now


First you need to understand that electricity comes in two forms, AC meaning alternating current and DC meaning direct current. AC power is the standard power that comes from standard power outlets. Whereas DC power comes from multiple sources, including batteries, fuel or solar. AC power outlets can convert power from outlets to DC using electronics. DC power comes into play when devices needs to store power for later use. When batteries are charged from the main supply unit, AC power is converts to DC and stored in the batteries.

Now that we understand the difference between AC and DC power, we can tell you that an inverter converts DC power into AC power that can be used in your home, to power all essential electric devices such as lights, kitchen appliances, TVs or computers. All you need to do is convert your invert to a deep-cycle battery.

Hybrid Back-up system

This system requires batteries. One of the many benefits that come with having a hybrid inverter are the cost-savings. This is because the inverter uses the battery energy first when PV energy is low. The inverter extracts AC power from the grid when the battery levels run low. This solution is most suitable for those wanting to convert to full solar in the future as this inverter still functions as an off-grid inverter when no grid exists.

Solar Panel Back-Up Systems

A grid-tied operation (without batteries).

If you wish to go entirely off-grid with a solar system, you will require a solar inverter designed for the task. These inverters transform the solar energy received by solar panels into electricity that can be used your home or business.

When the sun is shining, a grid-connected solar system complements your power source with solar energy.

With the addition of a solar battery, this energy may be stored for later use, during periods of insufficient sunshine. Most systems have at least one solar battery, but you have the option to construct a whole battery bank.

What Size Emergency Power Supply Do I Need?

The size is entirely dependent on the load. To determine this, you may sum the power needs for each device. Remember to discern necessary, low-consumption goods and high-load items such as stoves, pool pumps, geysers, and kettles.

After totalling the power requirements for everything you wish to maintain during loadshedding, you may compare it to the capacity of the backup system. Your peak power needs must be lower than the power rating of the backup system you choose.

There are various inverter size recommendations, Plessie offer inverter sizes anywhere from 1000 Watts to 3000 Watts. (Click here to have Plessie quote you on a suitable inverter)

Plessie has various power back up options that can be tailored to suit your needs and budget.


General Safety and Installation tips:

  • Your inverter should always be placed on a reasonably flat surface, either horizontally or vertically in a Plessie Battery box.
  • Avoid placing your inverter near sources of heat, ideal temp is +- 25 degrees Celsius.
  • Do not exceed the inverters load capacity.
  • Do not allow the battery power to drain completely before recharging as this can damage the battery cells and reduce the lifespan of your batteries.



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